The tutorials of sunday 4 august

Sergei Baranovski: Theoretical treatment of charge transport in disordered semiconductors

Stefaan De Wolf: High-Efficiency Silicon Heterojunction Solar cells: Properties, Processing, and Paths towards Ultra-High Efficiencies

Toshio Kamiya: Thin-Film Transistors: Device Structures, Materials, Physics, and Applications

Jean-Paul Kleider and Christophe Longeaud: Photocurrent techniques for the study of transport and defects

Klaus Lips: ESR and db defects and tail states

Philip Schulz: Key role of interfaces in thin film solar cells: the case of perovskites

Jacques Schmitt and Pere Roca: From basics of PECVD deposition to epitaxial growth and industry

Olindo Isabella: Advanced opto-electrical modelling of solar cells, photovoltaic modules and XIPV systems


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